Modern Secular-Christian Worldviews

Course Description: An interdisciplinary course examining the worldviews, trends, and problems of twentieth-century Western humankind. A Christian worldview and secular thought will be contrasted in several areas, including science and modern literature.

Course Schedule

1.10Why Take this Class?: Loving Wisdom 
1.12Getting to Know One Another 
1.15OFF: MLK Day   
1.17Syllabus and Worldview IntroFerry, Ch.1
1.19Pre-Modern and Greek PhilosophyFerry, Ch.2
1.22The Triumph of the ChristianFerry, Ch. 3
1.24Christian Art: Grace and Nature 
1.26Hard Times: Modernism and HumanismFerry, Ch. 4
1.29Modernism: Primary SourcesJohn Stuart Mill, Liberty and Utilitarianism
Immanuel Kant, What is Enlightenment?
1.31ChangesWilson, Ch. 1-2
2.2WesternWilson, Ch. 3
2.5EducatedWilson, Ch. 5
2.7IndustrializedWilson, Ch. 7
2.9OFF: Honors Day 
2.12RichWilson, Ch. 9
2.14Modern Art 
2.16OFF: Jubilee 
2.19PostmodernityFerry, Ch. 5
2.21Postmodernity: Primary SourcesNietzche: Turning Values Upside Down
Jean-Paul Satre Existentialism and Humanism
2.23DemocraticWilson, Ch. 4
2.26Liberalism and It’s DiscontentsHarpers, “Is Liberalism Worth Saving?”  
2.28Ex-ChristianWilson, Ch. 6
3.1RomanticWilson, Ch. 8
3.4ExpressivistTaylor, Ethics of Authenticity, Ch. 2-4
3.6The TherapeuticLasch-Quinn, Ancient Response
3.8Postmodern Art 
3.11-15OFF: Spring Break 
3.18After DeconstructionFerry, Ch. 6
3.22ResponsesWilson, Ch. 10
3.25OpportunitiesWilson, Ch. 11
3.27Wednesday Reflection: Cultural Artifact 
3.29OFF: Good Friday 
4.1OFF: Easter Monday 
4.3Individualism and NarcissismNoble, You are Not Your Own  
4.5Friday Philosopher: HumanityWest, What It Means to be Human
4.8A Secular AgeSmith, Introduction  
4.10A Secular AgeSmith, Ch. 1  
4.12A Secular AgeSmith, Ch. 2  
4.15A Secular AgeSmith, Ch. 3  
4.17A Secular AgeSmith, Ch. 4  
4.19A Secular AgeSmith, Ch. 5
4.22ReviewSmith, Conclusion
4.24Wednesday Reflection: Cultural Artifact 
4.26Friday Philosopher: Purpose of LifeJennifer Frey. Watch here.
4.29LadyBirdDue: Academic Journal