Modern Secular-Christian Worldviews


Academic Journals (45%)
Every time you come to class when there is an assignment due, you are required to actively take notes while reading. These notes will be collected in an academic journal. It should be well organized with a section for every assigned reading. You could take brief notes, ask questions to use in class, but it should be evident that you actually read or watched the assignment.

Check 1: 2.11
Check 2: 4.27

Cultural Artifacts (15%)
Throughout the semester, you’ll come to class with a cultural artifact (a song, painting, poem, movie, object, etc.) and analyze it through a worldview lens. What philosophy undergirds it? What is it wanting you to believe? Feel? Do?

Final Project (40%)
Philosophers have understood that their thinking and writing had direct impact on their lives and could help see things “the way they are.” To unsure what they wrote was accessible, they would create “little guidebooks” called an “Enchiridion”: a manual of key sayings so they can be practiced, memorized, or recalled at critical moments in a person’s life. In essence, tey are man to be “kept in one’s pocket” so you can live the Good Life.

The final project is for you to create your own “enchiridion” from this semester’s readings, organized and creatively presented. Throughout the semester, you should be writing down the kinds of sayings or quote that you will want to condense into little nuggest of wisdom. The assignment will have two parts: the reflection and the saying.

Part 1: Collect quotes from the semester and write at least two paragraphs describing the process of how you arrived at your quote/saying.

Part 2: The little phrase (Ex. “When you love you give.” “Wisdom requires more than zeal”.) is what you will write in your guide book. This is a creative project, so it must be in a visually appealing format.

Students must find and condense at least 12 sayings from the readings.

(From Dr. Brian Baise):

5% Extra Credit: This is a class where I don’t I know many of you. So as a way to make our time together more collegial, I’ll give you two percent extra credit on your final grade if you stop by my office hours, have lunch, come over my house, or get coffee. I’ll even let you do this in groups. Pretty good deal, huh?