World Religions

Course Description:

This course will delve into the broad theological and cultural arena of the world’s largest religions. Specifically, course content will cover the historical, theological, practical, and cultural aspects of the faiths of Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism.  A unit studying the theology of religions will also provide a baseline by which we observe and understand other faith traditions. Our perspective will be from a place of curiosity and respect while maintaining a comparative eye from the foundations of Christian theology.  World Religions are fascinating ways to learn about our own faith tradition and dialog with the devout of other faiths serves as a great theological and cultural exercise

Course Schedule

Class DateSubjectReading/Due
8.23Introduction and Orientation What is Religion? 
8.30Visions and Pursuits of the Good LifeSmith, Desiring the Kingdom (PDF)
Novak, Experience Maching (PDF)
Structure of Human Flourishing (PDF)
9.6JudaismKhan Academy Intro
Between God and Man, Part I
9/17: Saturday Shabbat Chabod House  
Between God and Man, Part 4
9.20Christianity: CatholicMary
Christ and Church
Liturgy and Eucharist
9.27Field Trip: Basilica of St. Lawrence
Holy Trinity Church  
Nearness and Otherness of God
Khan Academy Intro
10.4IslamKhan Academy Intro
Being Muslim, Ch. 1-3  
10.14: Prayer 1:30-2 Islam Center of Asheville  
Being Muslim, Ch. 5-8
10.18BuddhismKhan Academy Intro
How to See Yourself…, Part 1-3
10.25OFF: Fall Break 
11.4: Friday Dinner  
How to See Yourself…, Part 4-6
11.8HinduismKhan Academy Intro
Science of Self-Realization, Ch. 1-3
11.15Field Trip: Hinduism
Start at 5: Sri Somesvara Temple  
Science of Self-Realization, Ch. 4, 5, 7
11.22OFF: Thanksgiving 
11.29Review and Intro to Final Project 
12.6Final Presentations