About Me

I serve as Assistant Professor of Bible and Ministry at Montreat College near Asheville, NC. My teaching spans the breadth of practical theology but my research mostly focuses on education, spiritual formation, and cultural analysis.

I view my academic post as a call to more fully and faithfully serve local churches. The place I call home is Redeemer Anglican Church in Asheville, NC. If there is a way I can serve your church, please check out the contact page.

My popular writing has appeared in the Front Porch Republic, Christ and Pop Culture, Fathom Magazine, Fare Forward, and a few other places.

I’m the author of an upcoming book called Love as the Way to Learning, which is an introduction to the Christian liberal arts, as well as an edited collection of essays on Theology and the Avett Brothers.

Lastly, and most importantly, I’m husband to Lauren and dad to Mariela, Auden, and Jude.