Ministry in Cultural Context

Course Description: This course will work to develop a coherent ministry vision based on unchanging theology and changing cultural contexts. Based on Reformed theological orthodoxy, students will learn how theology has implications on how to see ministry and what to do in ministry by participating in ethnographic studies of different location and peoples. It will provide a foundation for how students can articulate, communicate, and live out doctrine in a specific place and time—whether an urban neighborhood, a rural farming community, a cross-cultural location, or working with youth.

Course Schedule

1.12Why Take This Class? 
1.14Getting to Know One Another 
1.17OFF: MLK 
1.19Syllabus and OrientationKeller, Intro and Ch. 1
1.21Gospel DoctrineKeller, Ch.2-3
1.24Gospel RenewalKeller, Ch.4-5
Book Selection for Project
1.26Gospel RenewalKeller, Ch. 6  
1.28Gestures and PosturesAndy Crouch, Culture Care (PDF)  
1.31ContextualizationKeller, Ch. 7-8
2.2ContextualizationKeller, Ch. 9-10
Due: Interview Questions
2.4City VisionKeller, Ch. 11-12
2.7City VisionKeller, Ch. 13-14
2.9Cultural EngagementKeller, Ch. 15
2.11Cultural EngagementKeller, Ch. 16
2.14Cultural EngagementKeller, Ch. 17
2.16Cultural EngagementKeller, Ch. 18
2.18ReviewPrayer Walk Reflection Due
2.21Missional CommunityKeller, Ch. 20-21
2.23Integrative MinistryKeller, Ch. 22-23
2.25Integrative MinistryKeller, Ch. 24-25
2.28Integrative MinistryKeller, Ch. 26
3.2Missional MovementsKeller, Ch. 27-28
3.4Missional MovementsKeller, Ch. 29-30
3.7Church as CultureRobert Wilken
Volf, Soft Difference
3.9The Future of the ChurchRussell Moore Lecture.
3.21Gospel in Foreign Contexts3D Gospel
3.23Gospel and PluralismNewbegin, Ch. 1-2  
3.25Authority and ExperienceNewbegin, Ch. 4-5  
3.28Mission in Pluralistic SocietyNewbegin, Ch. 10-11  
3.30Gospel and Secular SocietyNewbegin, Ch. 15, 17  
4.1Ministerial Leadership in Pluralist SocietyNebegin, Ch. 18-20
4.4Book Presentations 
4.6Book Presentations 
4.8Book Presentations 
4.11Book Presentations 
4.13Book Presentations 
4.15-18OFF: Easter Break 
4.20Final Project Presentation 
4.22Final Project Presentation 
4.25Final Project Presentation 
4.27Final Project Presentation 
4.29OFF: Synod 
5.2Final Project Presentation 
5.4Celebration and ReviewPope John Paul,  Gaudium et Spes