Lifestyle Discipleship and Evangelism

Course Description:

This course will examine the biblical and theological basis for evangelism and discipleship.  Special attention will be given to the spiritual decision making process, the art of persuasion, and the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer.  This course will incorporate individual experiences in evangelism and discipleship.

Course Schedule:

8.24Introduction and Orientation 
8.26The Biblical FoundationMission in the Early Church, Ch.1
8.28Early MissionMITEC, Ch. 2
8.31Our American Context: First Great AwakeningMITEC, Ch. 4
9.2Our American Context: Second Great AwakeningMITEC, Ch. 6
9.5OFF: Labor Day                                        
9.7Our Secular AgeMITEC, Ch. 7 Due by Today: Gospel Presentation
9.9What is the Gospel?Fool’s Talk, Intro and Ch. 1
9.12Methods of EvangelismFool’s Talk, Ch. 2-3
9.14Methods of EvangelismFool’s Talk, Ch. 4-5
9.16Methods of Evangelism (Field Trip to BGEA)Fool’s Talk, Ch. 6
9.19Debate Week: Intro 
9.21Debate Week: Research 
9.23Debate Week: Present 
9.26The Misuse of ApologeticsFool’s Talk, Ch. 7
9.28Evangelism Mini Conference: Public FaithFool’s Talk, Ch. 9
9.30Evangelism Mini Conference: Asking QuestionsFool’s Talk, Ch. 10
10.3Debate Week: Intro 
10.5Debate Week: Research 
10.7Debate Week: Present 
10.10Evangelism Mini Conference: Creativity in the GospelFool’s Talk, Ch. 11-12
10.12Goals of DiscipleshipGCD, Ch. 1-3
10.14Motives of DiscipleshipGCD, Ch. 4-6
10.17The Ecclesial and Liturgical CenterMark Dever
10.19OFF: Conference 
10.21OFF: Conference 
10.24OFF Fall Break 
10.26-28OFF: Conference 
10.31Worship and Discipleship in the Early ChurchThe Testament of the Lord, 65-166
11.2Process of DiscipleshipNouwen, “From Relevance to Prayer”
11.4Process of DiscipleshipNouwen, “From Popularity to Ministry”
11.7Process of DiscipleshipNouwen, “From Leading to Being Led”
11.9Challenges to DiscipleshipSmith, Desiring the Kingdom (PDF)
11.11The Context: HospitalityJeffrey Bilbro: “Eating as Discipleship”
11.14Debate Week: Intro 
11.16Debate Week: Research 
11.18Debate Week: Present 
11.21-25OFF: Thanksgiving Break 
11.28Book Report Presentation 
11.30Book Report Presentation 
12.2Book Report Presentation 
12.5Book Report Presentation 
12.7Book Report Presentation 
12.9Book Report Presentation 
12.12Final ExamEvangelism Encounters Discipleship Meeting Report