Biblical Preaching and Communication

Course Description

This course is designed to give a broad overview of the basic tools and techniques necessary for preparing and presenting sermons based upon biblical texts. Topics include an introduction to sermon research as well as what it means to preach in a contemporary context, including the use and misuse of technology, film, music, object lessons and variety of preaching techniques including both narrative and expositional.

Course Schedule

DayClassAssignment Due
1.11Introduction and Orientation Theology of Preaching 
1.18Davenant House: Old TestamentSmith, Intro-Ch. 3
1.25Davenant House: WisdomSmith, Ch. 4-7
2.1InterpretationKeller, Intro and Part 1
2.8PreparationKeller, Part 2
2.15ContextualizationKeller, Part 3
2.22WorkshopBoersma, Foreword-Ch.1
Preaching Worksheet: Acts 8.26-35
3.1WorkshopBoersma, Ch. 2
Preaching Worksheet: Exodus 12.1-12 Preaching Interview
3.8WorkshopBoersma, Ch. 8
Preaching Worksheet: Hebrews 3.7-4.13
3.15OFF: Spring BreakBoersma, Ch. 10
Preaching Worksheet: Luke 20.27-40
3.22PreachBoersma, Ch. 7
Preaching Worksheet: Psalm 24
3.29Evaluation (Set Up Time During the Week) 
4.5WorkshopBoersma, Ch. 14
Preaching Worksheet: 2 Corinthians 3
4.12WorkshopBoersma, Ch. 13
Preaching Worksheet: Ezekiel 1
5.3Evaluation and Celebration 


Reading Abstracts (25%)

Each time there is a reading, you are required to bring a two-paragraph reflection. In the first paragraph, quickly and succinctly summarize the reading. In the second paragraph, reflect, expand, or apply the reading. For example: what questions does the reading bring to mind or that you’d like to ask? What’s one point you want to expand on or think is worth discussing and class? Is there a topic you’ve learned in another class that connects to something you read? Show me you’re processing and engaging on a deeper level with the text.

These are required for the Smith and Keller readings.

Preaching Worksheets (25%)

There will be 7 times you’ll be tasked to study and interpret a text via Simeon Trust principles. For each of those classes, you are required to fill out a worksheet and bring it to class.

Preaching Interview (10%)

Select a pastor you respect and sit down for an hour interview. Ask them all about their preaching preparation and practice.

Sample questions: Tell me about your week as a pastor? How long do you prepare for a sermon? What are your steps? What advice would you have for a young preacher? What’s the most important thing to remember in preaching? Is there anything you wouldn’t preach about? Etc. Etc.

Turn in all of the questions you asked and a brief (~500 words) synopsis of the most important things you learned or realizations.

Preaching (40%)

You will be required to preach two sermons in this course.

The first sermon will be 15-20-minutes on your text of choice. You will need to manuscript your sermon and preach from a manuscript.

The second sermon will be 25-30 minutes long on a text that I assign. You can choose to manuscript or outline or memorize.

You will be evaluated on your faithfulness to the text, as well as your pedagogical and rhetorical skills.

You will also be evaluated by classmates on the same criteria which will factor in the final grade.

Details on expectations, how to prepare, etc. will be covered throughout the course.